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The Devonshire Education Trust (DET) was established in 2004 to enhance the educational experiences of children and young people visiting the Chatsworth Estate. Here, we are proud to be able to offer a diverse range of opportunities to learn about matters of historical, artistic and architectural interest as well as to find out more about the countryside and rural landscape. Through guided, self-­‐guided and specialist education packages and outreach activities the DET aims to provide quality education that reaches all backgrounds and abilities. The DET aims to be a leading charity providing education about the economic, historical, environmental, social and cultural contributions that landed estates make to our society.

The objects of the charity are:

  • To provide inclusive education of children, young people and their families in historical artistic and architectural features of the House and wider estate of Chatsworth.
  • The promotion of the understanding and appreciation of land estate management and aspects of rural industry and crafts
  • To promote a better understanding and appreciation among children and their families of the issues concerning the countryside, agriculture, rural affairs, the environment, where food comes from and food production.
  • The promotion of the study and appreciation of ecology the environment and conservation on the estate.
  • The promotion of the study and appreciation of flora and fauna.
  • Facilitating access by school children, older students and others to all aspects of the estate, (farm, woodland, garden and park, the House and architectural, historical and artistic contents).

The strategies employed to achieve the charity’s objectives are to:

  • Provide facilities for the encouragement of school children, and others to promote understanding and appreciation of farms, woodland, gardens and parks, buildings of historical architectural or artistic interest.
  • Offer opportunities for a broad range of people to get involved irrespective of their backgrounds through funded project work. To include those children and young people with Special Educational Needs and those from socially deprived areas of the conurbations of Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham and beyond who would not normally have access to the countryside.
  • Engage with relevant organisations, national and local to ensure that activities are relevant and accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.
  • Provide facilities to support the rural dimension in local schools.


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