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Team scores for 2019

Team No. Total Team Name
1 586 The Rugby Boys
2 532 Roche Abbey Ruffians
3 524 Elmton Elites
4 505 The Morris Majors
5 505 (CB) Mixed Bag
6 500 Dream Team
7 489 Eyes Wide Shut
8 485 Roving Rascals
9 483 Aces High
10 482 Sotheby's
11 479 The Black Sykes
12 476 The Isaac's
13 475 Saints and Sinners
14 467 High Peaky Blinders
15 465 Ancient Mariners
16 465 (CB) The Silver Foxes
17 461 Barlow Meinhof Gang
18 460 Knights of Renshaw
19 459 Call the Shots
20 455 Irwin Mitchell 1
21 453 A Chequered Bunch
22 450 Over the Hill
23 447 Foundation Derbyshire
24 446 HLM Architectural Firm
25 429 One Hit Wonders
26 426 Generous, Witty, Charming, Talented
27 425 The British Gems
28 423 Mr Brown's Boys
29 421 Tomertrux
30 418 Elmton Park Eliminators
31 413 Under and Over
32 413 (CB) Irwin Mitchell 2
33 403 Longshot
34 403 (CB) Investec 2
35 403 (CB) The Eastmore Bullshotters
36 397 The Hot Shots
37 395 Loose Bu (Cannons)
38 384 Native Land 2
39 379 Investec
40 362 Al Poggio
41 359 Native Land
42 337 More Carlin Darlin
43 319 Hoare's 12 Bores
44 307 HLM Eskimos

A very warm welcome back to Chatsworth from myself and Laura, there are once again so many regular supporters of this fantastic event that the Derbyshire Charity Clay Shoot has become.

I would like to personally thank the hard work and commitment from Richard Reynolds and Fraser Ludlam who both retired from the clay shoot committee in 2018 - and extend a warm welcome to our new chair Niall Baker.

2018 was a record year for us, raising in excess of £400,000 for our chosen charities which include Ashgate Hospicecare, Weston Park Cancer Charity, Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, Support Dogs, GWCT and The Devonshire Educational Trust. This year we are also including Cystic Fibrosis as one of our charities.  Thanks to many of you here today for creating the record, let’s make 2019 another spectacular year for them all!

Our overall aim is to raise as much money as we can for the charities; and enjoy a cracking day of sport, friendship and fun.

Huge thanks again to Sotheby’s UK Chairman Harry Dalmeny for conducting the live auction – a great entertainer as well as being our auctioneer. This year we welcome back Julia Bradbury as our master of ceremonies - Julia has been a predecessor of the event, from its inception all those year's back in Yeaveley!

Please stay afterwards for live music – this year from Motown Live – and dancing. And so that we have an opportunity to talk!

It should be another great day.


Earl of Burlington

President of the Derbyshire Charity Clay Shoot

For all enquiries please contact Sally Eustace on sally.eustace@chatsworth.org or 07887 678 686

Derbyshire Charity Clay Shoot by https://lampson.co.uk